Transfer All Data


Download any table into Excel in a few simple steps. Data can be filtered before or after downloading.


Import into any table with the assistance of formatting logic to avoid data errors.


Format applies default values, missing Company/Groups and converts certain fields to specific formats to avoid data errors.


Update pay rates, insurance rates and other fields simply by highlighting the changes in yellow.


Full batch functions starting from creating a batch to posting a batch for multiple company/months at the same time.


Delete allows you to delete records from any table with the ability to backup the table prior to deleting.

Frequently Asked Questions

TAD is an Excel tool that interacts with the Viewpoint and KDS-HRIM databases. It allows users to download, import, update and delete records from either database. Other features exist related to batches including adding transactions back to a batch in mass rather than one at a time.

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Yes. TAD uses the same data security that you currently use. Each feature in TAD can be secured to the individual user level and is managed at the server level. You can easily enable/disable a user and control who can use the file.

TAD can be used by any user in your organization. Finance/Accounting can download data dumps for month-end reconciliations. Payroll can update pay rates, workers comp insurance rates and Federal/State rates.  Operations can download job cost exports to use for cost projections.