Transfer All Data

TAD is an Excel add-in designed specifically for the Viewpoint database. With TAD you can download data for reporting and import, update and delete from all tables in the database. You no longer have to worry about missing import templates or tedious maintenance of setups each year.


  •  Import, update and delete from every table in the database.
  • Formatting feature ensures data is valid.
  • Validate feature gives instant feedback so no back and forth with CSV files.


  •  Over 100 standard reports such as the AP and AR Agings, GL Detail, Job Cost Detail and Payroll reports.
  • Parameters with each report that default and save each time you download.
  • Customize the design and layout of each report to fit your needs.


  •  Assign batch numbers, validate and post batches.
  • All features work across multiple companies and months.
  • Import credit card statements simply by copying and pasting.

Additional Features

  • Entire Conversions including the company copy and all open balances. The data from the test company can be scrubbed prior to importing into the live company. No more unwanted records! 
  • Adding Transactions to Batch by identifying the specific records. The process works across multiple Companies/Months and manages the new batch creation.
  • Moving records from one batch month to another.
  • Download your notifiers on demand and speed up workflows.
  • Get the “Grid” data in a few simple steps.
  • Create dashboards that use the standard report raw data.  (Ex: Pie charts for AR Agings)
  • Data dumps for month-end reconciliations.
  • Exports for your payroll providers.
  • Positive pay data downloads for easy export to CSV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. TAD has three security layers in Tables, Reports and Buttons.  Each option can be changed per user.  Data can also be secured if you are using the standard Vista data security.

TAD can be used by any user in your organization. Finance/Accounting can download data dumps for month-end reconciliations. Payroll can update pay rates, workers comp insurance rates and Federal/State rates.  Operations can download job cost exports to use for cost projections.

Please visit our reports page for the full updated list.

The base purchase of TAD includes the Excel add-in file, a fully documented user guide and access to video tutorials.  You will also get a 1 hour private training session on the setup, use and features of TAD.  Additional training can be purchased separately.

You can create your own reports from scratch or start with a standard report.  We can also help create additional reports which can be purchased separately.